You’re tackling some of the biggest challenges to help our societies work:

  • Planning infrastructure to support community and environment
  • Fostering economic development
  • Shifting to renewable energy sources
  • Building resilience for climate change

And yet, the path from idea to reality is often unclear.

Stakeholders have other ideas, and lackluster solutions deliver only mediocre results.

Compounding the situation: too much time spent in unproductive meetings, frustrating your sense of urgency to solve big challenges NOW.

Imagine a different reality, in which you can:

  • Build a clear roadmap for achieving your goals, with top-notch planning
  • Create agreement and buy-in, by hearing all stakeholders’ voices
  • Produce viable, breakthrough solutions, with guided problem-solving
  • Make decisions effectively, with clearly facilitated decision processes

Andrea Ramage  |  Founder & CEO

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Inspiration is everywhere

With an engineering-minded father and an artistic mother, my childhood was filled with creative outlets.

Hammering birdhouses one day and sewing dresses the next, I owned both a toolbox (which I still have) and a sewing kit by age 10. Cool, right?

Best of all, I learned how to think up new ideas and make them real, through imagination, curiosity, and trial and error. The joy in making something new  from a wispy idea still fuels my work today.


I’m Andrea Ramage, founder and CEO of Somersault Consulting. As a fellow leader and change-maker, I understand the challenges you face in leading government entities, businesses, and non-profits.

Change-makers like you hire me to inspire and plan their new initiatives, solve complicated problems with creativity and innovation, and align stakeholders in the process.

I provide expert facilitation of key meetings and stakeholder processes, so that you can tap into the enormous potential of your teams, fuel innovation where it’s needed most, and leave your world a better place.

Innovating by doing, testing boundaries the entire way

Dissatisfied with tradition, I boldly employed a new process for my Master’s thesis defense. As a young graduate, I convinced four potential employers to interview me in a single week and pay for all expenses, a win-win for all. Seeing an opportunity for business, I pressed a former boss to expand our team’s scope of work.

I learned lessons about innovation and change-making from each of these experiences, but never more intensely than while starting CH2M HILL’s environmental sustainability program (in-house). Starting from scratch, I worked across the enterprise to build it into a company-wide program in just five years. From there, I went on to lead the company’s client-facing sustainability program. A string of “firsts” accompanied this journey, including development of the first…

  • Community of practice
  • Company-wide environmental management system
  • Sustainability report
  • Firm-wide webinar with 800 attendees
  • Sustainability consulting practice

With deep experience in change-making, I’ll work with you as your partner and collaborator, to turn your ideas into action.

Why somersault?

A somersault is a fun and silly body roll, epitomizing the frame of mind that helps people to be their most creative.

It’s also a complicated aerial maneuver performed by an Olympic gymnast. It’s that kind of expert somersaulting that aligns with the level of service I bring to my clients.

My long career in leading sustainability showed me that the challenges we face today are so complex and so big, that rules of thumb and old methods no longer serve. To find solutions, we need to unleash the creativity and capacity for innovation that lies buried within people, teams, and organizations.

That’s why my passion is bringing you the powerful innovation and facilitation tools I have learned so that you can make a difference faster, with greater impact, with fewer resources — and with more satisfaction.

Expertly somersaulting today

When we work together, you’ll get the benefits of somersaulting:

  • Change in perspective – For innovation, creative solutions, and brilliant strategy, it’s essential to change perspective or invite new ways of seeing, thinking, and doing.
  • Willingness to risk – Like somersaulters who dare to try new moves (with the grass stains to prove it), businesses that take informed risks are the ones who thrive.
  • Forward movement – Progress means getting results. For that, leaders need the requisite skills, teams must possess the tools, and organizations must establish the strategies and structures to support the results they want.
  • High performance – Like a gymnast, organizations are capable of vaulting high and “sticking” the landing. Like athletes, they must hold a vision that propels them to achieve great things and build the capabilities to achieve their goals.
  • Joy – While the business of any organization is a serious undertaking, more can be accomplished, and with greater ease, when playfulness, creativity, and meaning accompany people in their work.

The joy is in working with change-makers like you

Bringing ideas to life and making a difference: this is meaningful work, and it’s most satisfying when we solve problems together. The powerful tools I bring to your project include:

  • Strategic Facilitation, so your teams can discuss, decide, agree, and plan well together
  • Value Planning, so your infrastructure investment can be maximized
  • Catalyzer Workshops, so your teams can solve challenges with creativity and impact
  • Training, so your leaders and staff can master strategizing and innovating

Learn how we can work together: contact me with your inquiry.