when to hire a facilitator

What’s the rationale for hiring a facilitator? In this article, learn the 7 scenarios when your facilitator can help you stay out of trouble and on the road to success.

facilitator's toolkit fo hybrid meetings

Smoothly combine virtual & in-person meeting formats, level the playing field, and better handle the cognitive load of facilitating hybrid meetings.

survival guide to hybrid meetings

Good news! Learn how to survive and thrive the challenges of combined virtual/in-person meetings, even if you’re not the leader.

leader's guide to hybrid meetings

To help you and your team smooth the bumpy road ahead, this article gives you, the team leader, practical guidelines for holding productive hybrid meetings.

making hybrid meetings work

As your team of workers returns to the office after more than a year of working from home, one thing is certain: hybrid meetings (a combination of in-person and virtual meetings) will be more prevalent than before. Learn how to overcome the tricky aspects of these colliding formats.

5 Uncommon Functions of a Strategic Plan

A strategic plan can be much more than a “roadmap.” If you want to leverage your strategic plan beyond this simple function, read on to discover five uncommon ways you can use your plan.

Resuscitate your strategic plan

Every organization struggles to keep their strategic plan active and alive, so they can focus their precious funding and staff on the goals that matter most. In this article, let’s diagnose why your plan might be on life-support and explore how to resuscitate it.

Creative Manifesto

What if you need breakthrough solutions to a tricky issue? What if your team has been stuck in a thinking rut, relying on the same tired tools and assumptions? What if you need extraordinary results?
For these situations, you’ll need meeting agreements that create the conditions for “wow!” and inspire brilliance from the minds of your people.

How is Decision-Making Like Play-Doh?

Leaders: How is decision-making like Play-Doh? The answer is: Depending on the process, decision-making can be a squishy muddle of unresolved brown or a crisply executed thing of beauty. Which will it be for you? Read on to discover the golden rule of decision-making.

The idea of overcoming the odds is exactly what we admire about brilliant strategies in military history, political maneuvering, and business dealings. But the standard definition of strategy lacks the elements of surprise and creativity we look for in truly effective strategies. Learn a new definition of strategy that inspires and elevates performance…