With expert facilitation of key meetings and stakeholder processes, I help you tap into the enormous potential of your team so they can fuel innovation where it’s needed most and strategically fulfill your mission. Use these services to think big, tackle infrastructure challenges, achieve organizational goals, re-imagine solutions, and bring people on board.

What are you working on? Let’s discover how to move the needle for you:


You want to leave the world a better place. Me too. 

That’s why I work with leaders and changemakers to solve complicated problems in infrastructure and the environment.

I’ve helped guide transformation inside the most complex and disorganized organizations. And as a fellow leader and changemaker, I get it! Solving tough challenges while pushing boundaries and getting people to align — it’s not easy.

You may be stuck on an issue and need an infusion of creativity and innovation. Or perhaps you’re tasked with new initiatives and the need to align stakeholders, but don’t know where to start. Maybe an upcoming capital investment has a hefty price tag, and you want to make sure it meets expectations AND engages your stakeholders in a positive way.

Somersaulting, together

I roll with you, side-by-side, as a thought-partner, fellow instigator, advisor, technical expert, facilitator, and problem-solver, so that you can move ahead.

Imagine this: you’ve crystallized your vision. You’ve broken out of the proverbial rut, stakeholders are on board, and your team is energized and taking inspired action toward your vision.

With expert facilitation of key meetings and stakeholder processes, I help you tap into the enormous potential of your team so they can fuel innovation where it’s needed most and strategically fulfill your mission.

Get the results you want

  • Strategic Plans For An Uncertain Future
  • Innovative Solutions to Tough Challenges
  • Decisions Amidst Complexity
  • Improved Competitive Position
  • Engaged Stakeholders
  • Better ROI on Project Investments
  • Innovation that Delivers



    Meetings are powerful and can make or break your efforts, so let’s make the most of your valuable time and talent. Sit back and get ready to create results with an expert facilitator helping you to spark engaging, generative, productive meetings that energize people and drive innovation.

    Used by clients to:

    • Craft compelling visions, then build strategic plans and work plans
    • Define performance metrics
    • Align stakeholders and forge agreements
    • Weigh options and make decisions
    • Discuss what matters, and resolve differences

    Learn more about Group Facilitation here.


    Infrastructure challenges can be thorny, with big dollars involved, high visibility, high impact to communities and the environment, and never enough money. In value planning, we marry innovation with infrastructure to bring you a super-powered, expertly facilitated workshop environment for solving these “wicked” problems.

    Used by clients to: 

    • Break through stuck positions to find a more elegant solution
    • Define the project scope, so it solves the right problem
    • Maximize benefits: cost savings, community well-being, and environmental health
    • Involve stakeholders to enrich the possibilities for brilliant solutions
    • Solve infrastructure project challenges, as well as systemic or regional issues

    Learn more about Value Planning for Infrastructure Innovation here.


    For teams who are in the thick of complex problems and tricky challenges, these workshops go beyond brainstorming and spark your teams’ innate brilliance. Buckle up as your innovation facilitator takes you through a powerful, hands-on, creative problem-solving process, designed to inspire new and better alternatives for solving your specific challenge.

    Used by clients to:

    • Define the problem to be solved (a more frequent need than you might think)
    • Bring different people together to collaborate
    • Involve stakeholders in a meaningful way
    • Get unstuck from an assumed solution, mental blocks, or “can’t” mindset
    • Generate viable, breakthrough solutions

    Learn more about Catalyzer Workshops here.


    Your organization can thrive when strategic and innovative thinking are rooted in your culture. Both of these skills are essential for strong leaders, enabling them to see the big picture when others can’t, channel the talents of their people into problem-solving, and create business benefits.

    Used by clients to:

    • Train seasoned executives (and emerging leaders and managers) about leading innovation
    • Assist executives in creating their organization’s innovation program
    • Introduce a new innovation program to employees
    • Train leaders and managers about strategic thinking, so they can ably implement strategic planning efforts
    • Kick-start a group’s strategic planning process

    Learn more about Training for Strategy and Innovation here.


Andrea Ramage has shown herself to be a person with exceptional intellect and ability to coalesce disparate people and ideas into a cohesive program or plan. Andrea has a natural ability to facilitate and mentor a group whether they report to her or as a consultant, moving them toward a goal in seemingly effortless fashion.”

“Andrea’s systems-thinking comes naturally and she never ceases to impress me with her knowledge, creative power, and ability to enhance everything she touches.”