Better than brainstorming, these workshops are for teams who find themselves stymied by complicated problems and difficult challenges. As your innovation facilitator, I will expertly guide you through a powerful creative problem-solving process, designed to generate fresh and viable solutions for your specific challenge.

What’s your fascinating challenge? Let’s talk:

Problem-solving with extra zing

Problem-solving is what you do, as a leader and a change-maker. I bring you a toolbox of problem-solving techniques, collected over 28+ years in engineering, leadership, business management, and innovation. Let’s put these tools to use on your project, so that your job gets a little easier.

Move the needle

Ultimately, you need results: a breakthrough idea, a team un-stuck from old thinking, new options, improvements, and better strategies to meet your goals. Solution workshops deliver these results. How? I combine three skills into a uniquely powerful workshop design:

  • Expert facilitation to ensure a group’s full engagement
  • Innovation process tools (design thinking) to maximize creativity
  • Deep content knowledge in infrastructure, business, leadership, and sustainability.

Get the results you want

  • Solve a strategy or operations problem, fast
  • Define the right project…from day one
  • Get fresh ideas for a “stuck” situation
  • Generate more and better ideas
  • Save money, save time, reduce risk



    When your team needs to bust the box it’s in, schedule this short and powerful design thinking workshop. In this lively, interactive innovation work session, your team produces vastly expanded solution options – whatever project or industry you’re in. Learn more…


    You’ve tried everything, or you just want to get a jump ahead. In both cases, your investment in an intensive, creative problem-solving process pays off: better solutions, faster results, and motivated people. Over 2 to 5 days, this workshop guides your team to their full genius, so they can discover the best solution to your spot-lighted challenge. Learn more…


IDEA HATCHERY  |  $13,995 for 1-day workshop

(1)   Up to 40 hours of preparation for logistics and team selection
(2)   Prepared workshop agenda design & materials
(3)   Group facilitation on workshop days
(4)   Documented results and next steps

BREAKTHROUGH  |  $25,850 for 2-day workshop  |  $6,000 each additional day

(1)   Up to 80 hours of preparation for logistics, team selection, and project-specific pre-work
(2)   Prepared workshop agenda design & materials
(3)   Group facilitation on workshop days
(4)   Documented results and next steps


“Throughout the time that I have known Andrea she has become my go to person for creative solutions, process improvement, big thinking, bright ideas and positive change. In addition to her ability to see the big picture from a business perspective, Andrea also has an extensive knowledge of sustainability in both the built environment and corporate social responsibility.”

“What I got from this session was a structured way to think about creative capacity, and how it spirals out to teams from my leadership. I’ll introduce some of these blockbusting techniques into the team environment.”

“I really liked the metaphor exercise, because it’s absolutely something I would not have come to on my own, and it seems like a very tangible way to get ‘unstuck’ on a problem or challenge. I also appreciated the concrete framework we got for analyzing our own creativity and how it relates to organizational effectiveness.”