Essential skills for every leader and changemaker: strategic thinking, inspiring creative solutions, and leading innovation. Give your people the ability to achieve new heights of performance, or simply fix the gaps. I design and deliver lively, hands-on trainings filled with practical examples and exercises to practice new-found skills.

What capabilities do your people need? Get in touch about your learning goals:

Outshine the rest

Two skills will set you apart, if you’re a leader with a drive toward change-making. I teach them both, so you can outshine the rest:

  • Ability to see the big picture (that’s strategic thinking)
  • Skill in guiding creative thinking in your organization (that’s innovation)

“I love training leaders, because it’s a chance to pay it forward with knowledge and hard-won lessons that they can use right away.”

Fun, in a hard-working package

Bottom line:

We all learn faster and retain more when we’re relaxed and having fun. In all of these training sessions, you can expect a vigorous mix of formats, exercises, and case studies to help you learn performance-enhancing material and practical skills you can use immediately.

Leadership Training


Prepared formats range from 2 hours to 1 day; custom formats available for any duration:


    Even as an accomplished leader and manager, your leadership knowledge may get in the way when you step into innovation leadership and change-making. Schedule this course to learn 8 new approaches, lessons learned from the fore-runners in other industries, and habits and skills you can use right away in your work.


    Your team, every team, has unfulfilled potential – an untapped resource for your organization to mine. All it takes is the right nudge, and this workshop provides it in spades. This class teaches a range of team performance-enhancing techniques distilled from design thinking, brain science, the arts, business examples, and some of the world’s greatest thinkers and artists. While you may not become a Leonardo da Vinci, you can learn from the creative habits of thinkers like him.


    For leaders and managers, strategic thinking is the cornerstone of long-term career success, essential for making meaningful contributions at work. For emerging leaders who are transitioning from technical to managerial responsibilities, this course gives teaches and practices the principles, tools, and habits of strategic thinking, so new managers can move into leadership with greater competence.


    As an economic development leader, you need proficiency in big picture thinking and a smart process for converting goals into concrete plans and actions. That’s because economic development plans affect entire communities. This class includes both fundamentals and advanced strategic planning, with application to practical case studies.


    Need something different for your group? A custom curriculum can be designed for your trainees and their learning needs, from any of the topics below. Contact me to discuss what you have in mind.

    • Strategic Planning
    • Strategic Thinking
    • Creative Problem-Solving
    • Design Thinking & Innovation Process
    • Critical Thinking Frameworks
    • Systems Thinking
    • Decision-Making Fundamentals
    • Facilitating Effective Meetings
    • Making Sense of Data



  • 2 hrs  |  $2,000 for up to 15 people  | $300 each additional trainee
  • 4 hrs  |  $4,000 for up to 15 people  |  $300 each additional trainee
  • 1 day  |  $8,000 for up to 15 people  |  $300 each additional trainee


  • 2 hrs  |  $8,000 for up to 15 people  | $400 each additional trainee
  • 4 hrs  |  $12,000 for up to 15 people  |  $400 each additional trainee
  • 1 day  |  $16,000 for up to 15 people  |  $400 each additional trainee
  • 2 days  |  $24,000 for up to 15 people  |  $400 each additional trainee

Other formats are available, and I welcome your special requests; get in touch!


“Andrea was a true partner in our strategic thinking program. She worked collaboratively to build an experiential based program that not only introduced new skills but allowed our emerging leaders to solve real issues. Many of the tools introduced have been incorporated into the company’s operations!”

“Andrea’s style is conversational, and I liked that she gave great resources and support materials to refer back to. I will use what I learned during her Strategic Planning course for economic development professionals to develop better structure and intention around what we’re doing.”

“As a facilitator of learning, Andrea can listen to diverse comments, acknowledge each participant, and reorient the conversation to the learning at hand.  Her grace and diplomacy are readily evident.  It is her strong logical and critical thinking that pushes all groups through the murkiness of misunderstanding to common learning.  She combines the best of an artist’s approach in aesthetics and willingness to step into the new, with the clarity and focus of an engineer.

“Andrea is a master trainer: she was well-prepared with excellent materials, included stories and examples, designed an agenda that allowed for interaction, and made opportunities for participants to apply the thinking to their own situations.  The “Build Your Strategy Muscle” topic resonated with our Leadership Tomorrow alumni, with enrollment nearly twice what we typically see, and the evaluations reflected high satisfaction with the ideas, concepts and practical experiences. We would definitely welcome Andrea back.”