Costs are up and funding is down for capital infrastructure. How can your project deliver the same or better levels of service — at the same or lower costs — while enhancing triple bottom line performance and resilience? Finding the answers is the driving purpose behind value planning for infrastructure. In an expertly facilitated value planning workshop, you can expect to uncover hidden solutions and build stakeholder buy-in.

What’s keeping you up at night? Let’s explore how to advance your project and your dreams:

Value planning is for you

  • Infrastructure Managers
  • City Managers
  • City Engineers
  • Project Planners
  • Regulatory Agencies
  • Individual Projects in transportation, water, wastewater, solid waste, energy, renewable energy, climate mitigation, land development, and economic development
  • Regional Projects

Expert at value planning

I’m an expert in value planning, one of the few in Washington state.

Want to know more? Read What is Value Planning and When to Use Value Planning.

Powerful partners

Our partners have access to world-class experts in a wide range of disciplines. Known for their ability to think deeply in their field and work broadly across industries and project types, these thinkers boost every value planning experience with state-of-the-art knowledge. Visit our partners:

Center for Sustainable Infrastructure




    Getting projects right from the start means you can avoid cost overruns and schedule delays. Even better, value planning can unearth brilliant solutions that cost less, create more value in the eyes of stakeholders, increase resiliency and reliability, and open doors to new opportunities


    Value planning is a powerful process for harnessing the knowledge of technical experts and engaging stakeholders and capital project planners in making wise infrastructure plans, decisions, and project investments when it matters most. An Innovation Facilitator will guide your team and selected stakeholders through a carefully designed, creative problem-solving process.


    • Tough Projects: Value planning is especially useful when you’re stymied by the complexity of the project, big money is at stake, or stakeholder concerns are a big factor.
    • Early Planning Stage: Before designers start sketching and engineers boot up the CAD system is when you want to know your project is solving the right problem, for the right reason.

    Value planning is a specialized, facilitated group process. Every part of the experience is designed to harness the knowledge and creativity of your people. The process works, because it uses proven methods drawn from design thinking, team innovation, creative problem-solving, LEAN, product design, and Agile and Sprint methods. Typical activities include:

    1. project orientation, team selection, and stakeholder identification
    2. Advance research and data gathering by hand-picked experts
    3. Field trip, including a briefing book and worksheets
    4. Value planning workshop(s), including expert facilitation for the day(s)
    5. Further development of solution alternatives
    6. Solution alternatives report and action plan


Value planning costs are dependent on project size, stakeholder dynamics, and project complexity. You may need a single workshop or a series. Please contact me to talk about your project’s goals and receive a detailed cost proposal.


“Andrea did a great job of designing the Value Planning charrette with the team, with good structure and flow. The fast pace kept people energized, and Andrea got us to move fluidly from micro- to macro-ideas. As a result, the solution scenarios that we got suggested specific zoning changes, which affirmed for us that land use and transportation must be integrated. I can highly recommend the Value Planning process to other planning agencies that need better land use and quality of life outcomes from their infrastructure and development projects.”

Andrea was one of the first people I turned to when the City of Olympia Public Works department wanted to run a pilot Value Planning workshop on a major transportation corridor in the city. With the innovation practices she introduced, the City got what they were looking for: new perspectives and solutions for reducing congestion, with a smaller price tag, and improved quality of life for residents. I was impressed by Andrea’s skill in facilitating creative problem-solving and can wholeheartedly recommend her to other infrastructure projects involving multiple stakeholders.” “

“As a big picture thinking approach, the Value Planning process was outstanding. It gave us a deeper understanding of the assets of the corridor and a pathway to develop future opportunities for community and parks. This was a good use of our time. I would recommend the Value Planning process to planners and communities who need an inspired, innovative approach to their complex infrastructure or development projects.”