What is our sustainability strategy?

Without a sustainability strategy, the City of University Park, TX, had no means to budget for sustainability, choose the best investments to make, or respond effectively to a wide variety of citizen requests for sustainability measures. To resolve these issues, the City sought a sustainability expert and facilitator to guide them to a succinct strategy.


City of University Park, TX: This city of 23,000 residents is located about 5 miles north of downtown Dallas, TX. Mostly residential in nature, the City is known for the Southern Methodist University. Visit University Park.


  • Designed and facilitated a 2-day strategy workshop with the Mayor, City Manager, department heads, and citizen representatives
  • Compiled a summary sustainability strategy from the results of the workshop, for the City to finalize and implement


  • A focused strategy to help the City guide its sustainability investments and respond more effectively to citizen requests and suggestions.
  • Agreement among city decision-makers about the strategy and the value of sustainability to the City.