How valid is our idea for a new source of revenue?

Too long dependent upon grant funding and donations, the Center for Sustainable Infrastructure sought to expand revenue sources to fund its non-profit activities. In a 3-month strategic planning process, the Center’s Advisory Council worked with Somersault Consulting LLC to test, refine, and shape the concept of an “Innovation Lab” into a clear service offering. The strategic plan helped to secure the Center’s first Innovation Lab customer.


Center for Sustainable Infrastructure: Through research, events, and services, the Center for Sustainable Infrastructure (CSI) promotes investing in creative new approaches and innovation for sustainable infrastructure, with the goal of developing more affordable and environmentally friendly solutions to public works challenges in water, energy, transportation, and waste. Visit CSI.


  • Educated CSI’s director and advisory board on fundamentals of strategic planning and business planning.
  • Designed and facilitated 3-month strategic planning process to explore, evaluate, and plan the launch of a new value planning service
  • Compiled the results of strategic discussions into a formal strategic plan


  • Agreement of decision-makers about the focus of the new service area, target clients, and requirements for a successful launch.
  • Agreement of decision-makers about the approach to launch (pilot projects instead of full-on rollout)
  • Outstanding questions to investigate through the pilot projects, such as main points of gain/pain for clients