How can a company teach its emerging leaders about leading innovation effectively?

MacDonald Miller’s Seattle operations are growing rapidly, to keep pace with the building boom in the city. The company needs up-and-coming leaders who have the skills to lead effectively. To that end, the human resources team decided to develop a leadership curriculum for a cohort of leaders in 2019. Somersault Consulting LLC was retained as an outside expert to bring new thinking and content expertise to a team of executives tasked with building and delivering the “Innovative Leaders” course, one of several courses in the program. Limited to a 4-hour time block, the team nonetheless crafted a practical, lively course that taught the following:

  • Definition of Innovation vs. Creativity
  • What is an Innovative Leader
  • Anatomy of Innovation
  • How to Generate Ideas (with Practice)
  • Business Case Essentials
  • Innovation at MacDonald Miller


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  • Provided content expertise on creative thinking skills and innovation process/best practices
  • Worked collaboratively with an executive team to develop a half-day Innovative Leaders course for emerging leaders
  • Developed course content, including frameworks, original images, and ideas for teaching curricula using adult learning principles


A half-day course for a class of emerging leaders involved in a leadership development program, developed in collaboration with the MacDonald Miller team, including:

  • A detailed teaching agenda, annotated with talking points
  • A slide deck containing content and images for the curriculum