Get strategic consulting that asks provocative questions and serves up zesty ideas.


Achieve your desired outcomes; focus services on the metrics that matter to you.


With excellence at every step, be proud of your project from kickoff to closing celebration.

Less lonely at the top

As a leader, the weight of responsibility rests on your shoulders: to organize plans, inspire your people, win over the skeptical, and find resources. For change-makers like you, I stand side-by-side as a thought-partner, fellow instigator, advisor, technical expert, facilitator, and problem-solver, so that you can move ahead with the vision that propels you.

Get the results you want

  • Strategic Plans For An Uncertain Future
  • Innovative Solutions to Tough Challenges
  • Decisions Amidst Complexity
  • Improved Competitive Position
  • Engaged Stakeholders
  • ROI on Sustainability Investments



    Make well-informed decisions and garner buy-in from others. I deliver insights with benchmark studies, competitor evaluations, sustainability and innovation assessments, interviews with stakeholders and customers, sharp analysis, and visually stunning info-graphics designed to enrich strategic discussions.


    Your strategy and business planning meetings need to make the most of your valuable time and talent. Call on me to facilitate engaging, generative, productive meetings that energize people and drive toward your goals.


    Next time your team faces a tough challenge, use my workshops to spark their innate brilliance. I use a powerful set of design thinking methods, specially adapted to solve strategy, operations, and planning issues for organizations and infrastructure.


    Your organization can thrive, too, by embedding innovation into your culture and operations. To make it happen, work with me to train your leaders and teams in skills, habits, and practices of powerful, consistent innovation.


    You’re organizing social and environmental programs and implementing them – and you want to make it count. Call on me to refine your strategy, implement change initiatives, communicate with stakeholders and report your performance. I’ll help you navigate around common missteps, catch a brilliant idea, and facilitate your team for efficiency.

What are you working on? Let’s discover how to move the needle for you:


Andrea Ramage has shown herself to be a person with exceptional intellect and ability to coalesce disparate people and ideas into a cohesive program or plan. Andrea has a natural ability to facilitate and mentor a group whether they report to her or as a consultant, moving them toward a goal in seemingly effortless fashion.”

Dina BelonDirector of Real Estate Assets, Pineapple Hospitality Company

“Andrea is collaborative and creative, and incredibly effective at bringing disparate stakeholders together to converge on actions indicated by their collective input. She also understands how to make the linkage between business performance and environmental/social achievements, bringing the best of both worlds together.”

Robert BeinsteinDirector of Sustainability and IT Practice, Environmental Financial Consulting Group, Inc.

“Andrea uses her intuition, sharp business acumen, and gentle yet targeted communication skills to create a ‘product’ that creates excitement, exceeds expectations of clients and team members, and can actually be implemented.”

Betsy ChildUCOR Chief of Staff, Regulatory & Public Affairs Officer

“Andrea’s systems-thinking comes naturally and she never ceases to impress me with her knowledge, creative power, and ability to enhance everything she touches.”

David AndersonDelivery Partner at CH2M