Find confidence in clarity: define variables, map the territory, and shed light on unknowns.


Travel the road from data to insights, with keen analysis and illuminating info-graphics.


Get team and stakeholders on board, with solid research, smart analysis, and clear presentations.

Exquisite detail to the grand overview

Insight and understanding usually don’t arrive with splashy fanfare, but you can accelerate the process by paying attention to the details AND the big picture. I bring this core strength to every project, so that you can arrive at the insights you need.


Better decisions with info-graphics

Numbers don’t lie, but they won’t tell a story until a graphic reveals what they have to say. I use Edward Tufte’s best practices in visual representation of data, to find the “aha!” in the numbers and the insights you need to make mission-critical decisions.

Get the results you want

  • Fully-Informed Decisions
  • Risks & Opportunities Made Known
  • Clarified Competitive Landscape
  • Validated Business Case
  • Benefits from Sustainability Investments



    You get ahead faster, better, cheaper – when innovation becomes part of your culture. With a proprietary assessment tool, boost your innovation capability where it matters by discovering individual, team, and organizational strengths and gaps…and what to do about them.


    You’re turning aspirations into action, reporting sustainability performance, building the business case for green, or infusing sustainability into operational practices. Let’s assess your current performance, identify opportunities, and speed your progress, from A to Z.


    Imagine using your stakeholders – internal and external – as valuable resources. You can, when we define the issues/actors landscape and design a process for involving community, customers, advocacy groups, and other groups in meaningful ways.


    With big decisions, you want to know the options and their chances of success. Make your job easier: I’ll do the incisive research, lay out the alternatives, define decision criteria, compare the pros and cons, and deliver thoughtful recommendations.


    What are your competitors doing? Will customers buy your new service? What can you learn from other industries or companies? Get the business intelligence you need, when you call on my experience in benchmarking competitors, assessing business model strengths, and leading customer interviews and surveys.


I offer competitive rates for assessment, research, analysis, and business consulting. Please CONTACT ME to talk about your project goals and to receive a cost proposal.

What insights are you seeking? Let’s explore how to advance your project:


“Thurston Regional Planning Council hired Andrea facilitate a retreat to define the strategic direction over the next two years for our 21-member Council of Governments.  She understood the issues and needs of our members and used that insight to help us achieve our goals.”

Marc DailyExecutive Director, Thurston Regional Planning Council

“Andrea has the ability to see to the heart of an issue and ask the appropriate questions. Rather than guiding you to the outcome she wants to see, she helps to discover a solution authentic to you.”

Bronwen CarpenterSenior Landscape Architect, Seattle Parks & Recreation, and Former Colleague from Paladino & Company

“I assisted Andrea on a project to create new sustainable development tools for a confidential global resource extraction company. Her innovation and adaptability produced a client deliverable that significantly improved the integration of sustainable development considerations within the client’s decision-making process.”

David AndersonDelivery Partner at CH2M

“Even in a group setting, Andrea can synthesize the necessary elements into bite size tasks & deadlines, and leverage the team’s every effort towards reaching the goal successfully.”

Maralise Hood QuanExecutive Director, Center for Dialog & Resolution