5 Uncommon Functions of a Strategic Plan

A strategic plan can be much more than a “roadmap.” If you want to leverage your strategic plan beyond this simple function, read on to discover five uncommon ways you can use your plan.

reopening while coronavirus circulates

It’s clear now: the novel coronavirus will be circulating in our communities for some time. This article lays out seven strategies for re-opening effectively.

Resuscitate your strategic plan

Every organization struggles to keep their strategic plan active and alive, so they can focus their precious funding and staff on the goals that matter most. In this article, let’s diagnose why your plan might be on life-support and explore how to resuscitate it.

Creative Manifesto

What if you need breakthrough solutions to a tricky issue? What if your team has been stuck in a thinking rut, relying on the same tired tools and assumptions? What if you need extraordinary results?
For these situations, you’ll need meeting agreements that create the conditions for “wow!” and inspire brilliance from the minds of your people.

Value Planning for City of Stevenson

Intrigued by value planning for your next big capital project or infrastructure project? Like any powerful tool, it’s designed for certain circumstances. You wouldn’t use a pole saw to trim your mustache, now would you? In this article, figure out when to use value planning for your infrastructure projects.

Value Planning Workshop with Stakeholders

Value planning is a powerful process for harnessing the knowledge of technical experts and engaging stakeholders. An innovation facilitator will guide your team and selected stakeholders through a carefully designed, creative problem-solving process.

Innovation Facilitator

What can an Innovation Facilitator do for you? On a single project, expect some outrageously good problem-solving on your stickiest issues. Working within your organization over time, they can help you foster a culture that consistently delivers ground-breaking ideas, build systems and processes to support innovation, address challenges, and take advantage of opportunities before the competition can.

How is Decision-Making Like Play-Doh?

Leaders: How is decision-making like Play-Doh? The answer is: Depending on the process, decision-making can be a squishy muddle of unresolved brown or a crisply executed thing of beauty. Which will it be for you? Read on to discover the golden rule of decision-making.

Value Planning for Fones Road

As city managers, public works planners, and community leaders, how can you find solutions to fix aging infrastructure within your budgets? Where can you look for creative, ingenious infrastructure designs that are more affordable, community-friendly, and environmentally sensitive? What are the most innovative communities doing to address their infrastructure challenges?

Curiosity Makes It Better

Have you ever worked on a project so intensively, that you got stuck on a single solution that just…didn’t…quite…work? It’s easy to do. As humans, we fall in love with our inventions and ideas, even when they don’t fit the problem we’re trying to solve. This is even more true of groups who become invested in their collective work. Next time you get stuck…

The idea of overcoming the odds is exactly what we admire about brilliant strategies in military history, political maneuvering, and business dealings. But the standard definition of strategy lacks the elements of surprise and creativity we look for in truly effective strategies. Learn a new definition of strategy that inspires and elevates performance…

Why Innovation is So Very Tasty

Aside from the business necessity of innovating, there is an unmistakable attraction and “deliciousness” associated with innovation. Why is that? Why is innovation is so irresistibly tasty to business people? Here’s my take…