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Welcome! I’m Andrea Ramage, serving leaders & change-makers like you.

  • Are you planning a board retreat? Shaping a strategic plan? Making key decisions or seeking agreement? I facilitate these important conversations, making it easy for you and your groups to achieve results.
  • Is your group striving for higher performance, better cohesion & collaboration? I train leaders & teams in essential soft skills that boost confidence and performance.
  • Do you need creative solutions? I help your group spark their genius, so you can innovate inspired, smart solutions.


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Meetings can be time wasters – or savers! I design and facilitate productive, inclusive meetings where people can bring their best.

 In these trainings, leaders and teams learn essential soft skills to lead well, perform as a cohesive team, and achieve improved results.

Use these stimulating workshops to call forth great ideas, so your team can solve tough problems, with ingenuity, speed, and practicality.

What Clients Say

“I lead an organization and deliver services, so I am used to working at breakneck speed. Andrea is the first person I have met who can write and produce faster than I can read and review. She pushes us to work smarter and deeper and she continues to be my role model: GRACEFULLY agree to a goal, be focused while struggling to meet the goal, stay on track when quitting would be more comfortable, and celebrate success. Her smile and positivity makes getting things done a joy.”

Maralise Hood Quan, Executive Director, Center for Dialog & Resolution

“Andrea comes fully prepared to facilitate the sessions. Her tactful and systematic approach give everyone an opportunity to speak. She has an extraordinary way of digging information out of people. She can handle small groups up to to groups of more than 100 people. My last experience with her was in the Global Sanitation Graduate School Summit in Sri Lanka where people from 27 countries attended. Not easy, but it was very successful.”

Roshan Shrestha, Deputy Director/Asia Sanitation Lead, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
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How can I help?

Reach Out & Learn More

It’s easy: Send me your inquiry or or call me at 425.495.9066. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

It’s free, and I listen to what you need and want. If you decide we’re a good fit, we figure out the next steps. If not, there’s no hard sell, and I may even refer you to other resources to get what you need.

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