Adults learn best by hearing, seeing, and doing! That’s why each course uses a lively mix of exercises, case studies, role plays, mini-lectures, individual reflection, and group discussion to translate concepts into practical skills.


  • These courses are designed for leaders and their teams: management teams, nonprofit boards, governing councils, and others.
  • Choose from the core courses below or contact me about customizing a curriculum for your team or group.
  • Course dates / times / locations are set by you when you hire me.
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Conflict Competence

Unresolved conflict costs a shocking amount of time, money, and frustration in organizations, and yet it shows up everyday on leadership teams, with direct reports and peers, and with stakeholders.

This course provides a safe place to learn about conflict and practice handling difficult conversations with less fear, more grace, and greater skill. By exploring the positive aspects of conflict, understanding what happens in a tough conversation, and practicing new ways of talking, participants increase their competence and confidence in initiating and holding tough conversations.

Ask me about insights & skills that trainees most appreciate or download the course flyer.

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Strategic Thinking & Planning

Strategic thinking is one of the most impactful yet under-rated cornerstones of organizational success. Professionals skilled in strategic thinking make smart plans, thoughtful decisions, and intelligent career moves. They can “cut through the fog” in complex situations and lead their teams to breakthrough solutions.

If your board or leadership team needs an injection of strategic thinking, this course is for you. We’ll use case studies and scenarios relevant to your work environment, so that you can sharpen your skills in thinking, planning, and deciding from a strategic, creative mindset.

Interested? Find out more by downloading the flyer, or reach out and ask me about customizing any course.

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Inclusive, Facilitative Leadership

Participatory, inclusive leadership is effective, rewarding, and boosts team performance. It’s hard to do, though, in the face of ingrained expectations for leaders to be in command and in control.

If you’re a leader seeking practical ways to be inclusive, this course is for you. You will learn key concepts and practical methods from the facilitator’s toolkit, to better engage your people, lead with inclusive practices, enhance psychological safety, reduce stress in decision-making, share leadership, and hold productive meetings.

Reach out to find out what this course can do for you or your leadership team.

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Golden Rules of Project Success

Your projects run smoothly, when your team works by the golden rules of project management. If your team misses deadlines, confuses who does what, overspends budgets, or experiences conflicts due to poor communication, this course can turn the tide toward the better.

Through active exercises, we use scenarios from your work environment to teach a simple but powerful framework (and tools) to avoid common project pitfalls and lead projects to success. With a common language and newfound understanding of pivotal practices, your team can more consistently meet their deadlines, spend budgets wisely, work harmoniously together, and achieve desired outcomes.

Ask me more! This course is highly customizable, and referrals are available.


How to Lead Great Meetings

Anyone who organizes and leads meetings needs facilitation skills. Are your board meetings unproductive? Do team members say meetings are a waste of time? Is your group spinning in discussions without conclusion? Do you miss concrete follow ups?

If the answer is yes to any of those questions,you and our team will benefit from this course. Together, you will learn methods and tools for better structuring meetings, do the essential preparation, engage each other well, use inclusive practices, share responsibility, and achieve your desired outcomes.

This course can be customized to your group’s unique needs. I welcome your questions, to explore what’s possible.


Flexible Delivery: Course content can be taught over 2 days, in a series of 1 or ½ days, or in bite-size modules of 1.5 to 2 hours, in-person or virtually. Choose the mode that fits your workplace culture and staff availability.

Course Fees: Fees vary depending on the number of trainees, logistics, and the degree of customization you request. As a guideline, a 1-day course (typically 10-15 attendees) costs $6000 to $8,000, including preparation, materials, and delivery at your facility or online. Add $400/person for groups larger than 15 people. Variable costs such as catering, room rental, significant course customization, and travel-related expenses are extra.


  • Let’s create the perfect training experience, tailored to your team’s unique developmental needs.
  • Content can be designed for any level of experience, from junior staff to experienced leaders and managers.
  • Dates / duration / locations are set by you when you hire me.
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Want something different for your team?

I’m dedicated to helping change-makers like you to achieve your potential in leading and making a difference in the world. Training increases your effectiveness!

Mix and match from the topics listed above or choose from these additional topics:

  • Best Practices in Decision-Making
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Choosing Useful Key Performance Indicators
  • Effective Systems Change for Change-makers
  • Mindsets & Skills for Working in Multi-lateral, Networked Groups
  • Innovation & Creative Problem-solving (check out *SPARK offerings!)

Custom courses draw on my career experience as change agent, team leader and member, a wide range of conceptual models, adult learning theory, and my extensive toolkit in design thinking, innovation process, organizational change, and systems thinking. From all this, and with your input, I design a course that uniquely fits your team’s learning goals. Ask me!

My teaching style is engaging, interactive, and fun – and inclusive of different learning/thinking styles. I balance a mix of concepts and practical skills, so you and your team can perform better as an outcome of the training.


“Andrea is a master trainer: she was well-prepared with excellent materials, included stories and examples, designed an agenda that allowed for interaction, and made opportunities for participants to apply the thinking to their own situations. The “Build Your Strategy Muscle” topic resonated with our Leadership Tomorrow alumni, with enrollment nearly twice what we typically see, and the evaluations reflected high satisfaction with the ideas, concepts and practical experiences. We would definitely welcome Andrea back.”

Sue Bennett, Executive Director (former), Leadership Tomorrow

“As a facilitator of learning, Andrea can listen to diverse comments, acknowledge each participant, and reorient the conversation to the learning at hand. Her grace and diplomacy are readily evident.  It is her strong logical and critical thinking that pushes all groups through the murkiness of misunderstanding to common learning. She combines the best of an artist’s approach in aesthetics and willingness to step into the new, with the clarity and focus of an engineer.”

Maralise Hood Quan, Executive Director, Center for Dialog & Resolution

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