Imagine powerful strategic meetings that tap into the brilliance of everyone, online or face-to-face. Whether your goal is to discuss organizational strategy, make a key decision, or resolve an important issue, you sit back while I facilitate an engaging and productive meeting that energizes people for building a vision and making it a reality.

What do you want to achieve in your next strategic meeting? Let’s talk it over:

Smart meetings lead to smart decisions

Every meeting is an opportunity to draw on collective smarts assembled in the group of people gathered there. As a facilitator, I design and lead your meetings to be inclusive, productive, focused, and strong on results.

Allow group genius to produce results

What becomes possible when a meeting is thoughtfully designed and expertly facilitated? More than you can imagine. We can work together to create a successful meeting for your group.


Get the results you want

  • Re-Energized Vision and Mission
  • A Strategic Plan That Works
  • Engaged Stakeholders
  • Productive Dialog
  • Agreements
  • Clear Options
  • Problems Solved
  • Decisions Made
  • Resilience for Uncertain Times
  • Conflicts Aired and Resolved

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    When your vision no longer fits the times, feels tired, or lacks endorsement, it’s time to pay attention. Get it back on track by working with me to design and lead a powerful visioning session with the right people.


    Your strategic plan is the springboard for success. Call on me to design a robust planning meeting or multi-session process, so you can build a concise, actionable plan and the endorsement it needs from participants & stakeholders.


    In fast-paced or uncertain environments, you need a strategy for more than one situation. Let’s cut the risks of being unprepared. I’ll guide your team to define succinct scenarios and construct a plan for each.


    Turn strategy into action with a business plan, work plan, or implementation plan. I’ll facilitate your team through an efficient planning process to create a plan that helps you attract funding, allocate resources, track progress, and perform to meet your goals.


    How you decide is as important as what you decide. Use my toolbox and experience in rational decision methods, to improve stakeholder engagement and confidence in your choices. I employ agreement-building tools such as decision criteria, prioritization, alternatives definition, adaptive decision-making, and multi-attribute decision analysis.


    In the public realm and within agencies and organizations, challenges are made even more  difficult when polarized opinions, hidden agendas, and unresolved tensions get in the way of creative problem-solving. In a facilitated setting, your team can hold the difficult conversations needed to clear the air and move ahead.


Typical strategic meetings involve 10 to 25 people and follow 4 basic steps:

  • ADVANCE PREPARATION & ASSESSMENT   | Typically $600 to $2,000 for basic assessment  |  $3,000+ for tailored research, benchmark studies, interviews, surveys, and analysis
  • AGENDA DESIGN & MATERIALS  |  Starts at $1,000  |  Typically $4,000 – $8,000 for a 1- to 2-day meeting
  • FACILITATION ON MEETING DAY(S)  | $2,500 for the day  |  $1,700 for a half-day
  • POST-MEETING DOCUMENTATION & PLANS  |  Starts at $300 for transcribed notes  |  $1,600+ for formatted strategic plans, reports, executive summaries, and info-graphics

Please contact me to review your specific goals and receive a detailed cost proposal for your strategic meeting.


“I have participated in many strategic plans, spending countless hours and staff time working through goals,  mapping, vision statements, and word-smithing.  In contrast, Somersault and Milepost have taken the pain out of the process. You do the behind-the-scenes work to  draft up descriptions, visions, content, and layout based on our ideas, and my management team gets to  spend their valuable time to explore, innovate, and create a functional plan to improve  our Department. Your workshops are engaging and open up the creative and innovative minds of my team; I’ve noticed that my team comes out of these workshops energized and full of ideas. Special thanks to  you for bringing our strategic plan to life.”


“I hired Andrea because we needed to figure out how our Innovation Lab initiative could generate revenue for the Center. She guided a rigorous strategic planning process for me and an Advisory Committee, which resulted in a thoughtful, focused, and realistic strategic plan for our Innovation Lab. The plan, in turn, helped the Center attract our first pilot project. I am still using that powerful strategic plan to raise funds for the Innovation Lab. Andrea is collaborative and results-oriented. Her business savvy and ability to think strategically are huge assets to non-profits who want to get new programs off to a great start.”

“Andrea is a very quick thinker, active listener, and can facilitate conversations with sensitivity, respect, and determination to keep things on track.  I would certainly recommend Somersault Consulting for any organization seeking facilitation of any kind, and especially for difficult, multi-entity planning processes.”

“Our group needed to develop a single strategic vision, outline clear roles and responsibilities, and make some critical decisions. Andrea did a remarkable job at preparing; her knowledge on the topic was truly amazing for someone under a tight timeline. I found the experience one of the best facilitated meetings I have attended.  Can’t say enough good things about her facilitation style! She is also a joy to work with.”